Almost one third of workplace accidents are a result of manual handling issues. This half day course is run in accordance with current legislation and guidance. The manual handling training programme is designed to provide the participants with the knowledge of safe manual handling in the areas of lifting, pushing, pulling and moving of different types of material and equipment.


On completion of this course the participants will be able to:

•Identify hazards associated with manual handling in the workplace

•Apply the principles of safe lifting to all their activities •Recognise any load which may be too heavy or awkward to lift Course content

•Manual handling legislation – as it applies to the employer and employee

•Anatomy of the spine and muscular system

•Risks associated with poor/ unskilled manual handling,

•Controlling manual handling risks

•Review of the findings of the workplace risk assessment process

•Principles of safe manual handling

•Practice in safe handling of loads

•Guidance on flexibility and muscle toning.